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Company ALPHA Ltd.

Monika Mojecka
Kulczyzna 21
28-300 Jędrzejów
woj. świętokrzyskie
tel/fax 048 413859238

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Cypresses (Chamaecyparis):
Species Strain Container
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Alumigold 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Columnaris 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoods Gold 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoods Transpirent 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Miuima Glauca 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Van Pelis Blue 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana White Spot 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Pisifera Boulevard 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Pisifera Nana 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Pisifera Filifera Aurea Nana 1,3/3 l
Chamaecyparis Pisifera Filifera Nana 1,3/3 l

Junipers (Juniperus):
Species Strain Container
Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Chinensis Stricta 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Comunis Green Carpet 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Comunis Repanda 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Comunis Nana Compressa 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Comunis Suecita 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Horizontalis Glauca 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Media Old Gold 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Procumbens Nana 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Scopulorum Blue Arrow 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Scopulorum Skyrocket 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Squamata Blue Star 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Squamata Meyeri 1,3/3 l
Juniperus Virginiana - 1,3/3 l

Spuces (Picea):
Species Strain Container
Picea Abies Echiniformis 1,3/3 l
Picea Abies Little Gem 1,3/3 l
Picea Glauca Conica 1,3/3 l
Picea Glauca Conica Compacta 1,3/3 l
Picea Glauca Conica Laurin 1,3/3 l
Picea Glauca Echiniformis 1,3/3 l
Picea Pungens Glauca Waldbrunn 1,3/3 l

Yews (Taxus):
Species Strain Container
Taxus Baccata Tastigiata Aureomarginata 1,3/3 l
Taxus Baccata Tastigiata Robusta 1,3/3 l
Taxus Baccata Overeynderi 1,3/3 l
Taxus Baccata Repandens 1,3/3 l
Taxus Baccata Semperaurea 1,3/3 l
Taxus Cuspidata Nana 1,3/3 l
Taxus Media Hicksii 1,3/3 l

Thujas (Thuja):
Species Strain Container
Thuja Occidentalis Columna 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Danica 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Europe Gold 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Holmstrup 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Mecki 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Rheingold 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Stolwijk 1,3/3 l
Thuja Occidentalis Tini Timm 1,3/3 l
Thujopsis Delobrata Nana 1,3/3 l
Thujopsis Delobrata - 1,3/3 l

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