The nursery of
fruit trees and
decorative bushes

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Produce - Trade
Company ALPHA Ltd.

Monika Mojecka
Kulczyzna 21
28-300 Jędrzejów
woj. świętokrzyskie
tel/fax 048 413859238

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About the Business. Short profile.

Our business is a company that came into being in 1997, that is 7 years ago. In the first years of existance we have busied ourselves with cultivation of fruit trees, roses and decorative bushes. Big interest in decorative plants has persuaded us to specialize in this field of production.

The nursery is 7 ha in area. The soil and container crops take up 5 ha. Among other things we own cuttings of ceniferous plants, young crops in containers and adult crops to the direct sale.

We are a young company which is still expanding, increasing the production and cutivation area. We warmly invite to visit our nursery. Furthermore, we offer expert advice into the domain of cultivation and protection of decorative plants.

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